Pro Baseball Scout Reveals What It Takes for YOU To Get NOTICED
and Play For College Baseball Program Of Your Dreams!

Discover the Simple System That Will Bring-Out Top-Level Scouts and Coaches to Watch YOU Play and Secure Your Future With The College Program YOU Deserve...Whether You're A Blue Chip Prospect Or A Walk On!

Do you think you have what it takes to play in college.

Well, I have to warn you...

You can have all the skill and all the ability in the world. You can have a great batting average or great stats... But You STILL Might Get Overlooked!

The Biggest Mistake A Baseball Player Can Make Is To Assume That Their Game Is Enough To Land A Spot On A College Roster!

Every year really good players get overlooked – and some really average players get signed.

You can be a DYNAMITE player on the field and STILL NOT land that scholarship or contract!

And it all comes down to 1 very important factor...The Recruiting Process.

The better your recruiting process, the better your chances are that you will receive the offers you deserve!

If you manage the recruiting process correctly, you WILL have scouts and coaches come and check you out - and you WILL have offers rolling in – from multiple different schools and teams.

If you botch the recruiting process, you will watch as all the other players steal the scholarships and contracts that are rightfully yours.

But you don't have to sit-back and let some other player steal your future!

There is a simple way for you to grab the attention of all the right people and secure a great offer.

If you give me a few minutes of your time, I am going to reveal all the secrets of the recruiting process - and how you can make it work for you...

The Stories of a Pro Scout

Hello, my name is Paul Reddick and I have spent a lifetime in baseball.

Over the last ten years I served as a coach for the Montreal Expo farm system and as a consultant to over a dozen major league teams.

I spent the last 6 seasons as a recommending scout with the Pittsburgh Pirates and currently I am the Director of The Yogi Berra Baseball School.

I know what scouts are looking for, I know exactly what coaches want to see and I know what it takes to get noticed and get signed.

The steps are simple, the process is easy – but if you want to get noticed, then you have to step-up and take control over your OWN recruiting process and your own future!

I want to give you the techniques, the steps and even the letters you need to draw a TON of attention from all the right people!

I want to give you that edge to ensure scouts and coaches seek you out and give you the solid “look” you deserve!

I want to give you my simple, step-by-step system that jump-start your recruiting process and take you all the way through to signing day!

But before I can tell you how to effectively manage your recruiting process, I want to explain to you why it is so important...

Your Recruiting Process Can Make or Break Your Future!

There are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of baseball players in the country right now who are looking to land a scholarship or a spot on a college roster..

And there are only a handful of scouts and coaches... So you can see how easy it is for really amazing baseball players to go overlooked.

Unless you are one of the lucky Top 100 players in the entire nation... you are going to have to do a little "leg work" to land the scholarship or contract you deserve.

Basically, you just need to promote yourself and let all these coaches and scouts know that you exist!

Don’t worry... that “leg work” is actually pretty simple to do and it doesn’t really take much time... but it is a CRUCIAL because without it you will get lost in a sea of thousands of other baseball players and you will never get the attention and the recognition that you need!

If you take the time to send the letters and showcase your skills – then you will get the response you deserve!

Take Control of Your Own Recruiting Today...

There are plenty of recruitment services and showcase camps that are more than willing to take your money...

But most of these services are a waste of time and money.

This is your future and it is simply too important for you to trust to anyone else.

I promise you, those recruitment services are not going to do half the job you can do yourself! They send out mass letters and they don't put any heart into their efforts. They aren't going to seem genuine and you are going to pay top dollar for a service that does nothing for your future!

And most of those showcase camps are just a rip-off!

If you really want to get coaches and scouts to start calling you with offers, then you are going to have to roll-up your sleeves and do a little "leg work".

But don't worry...

I am going to give you a complete system that will eliminate all the confusion and all the frustration.

I am going to explain to you exactly how the recruiting process works, what you can expect and what you can do to stand out from the crowd.

I am going to reveal exactly what scouts and coaches are thinking and what they are looking for.

I am going to walk you through the simple steps that WILL get coaches and scouts out to watch you play- guaranteed!

I am going to even give you the insight you need to handle offers and negotiations.

Basically, I am going to give you an All-Access Backstage Pass to the recruiting process and give you the edge you need to land the deal of your dreams!

Get a Baseball Scholarship

As a pro scout, I've seen the recruiting process from the inside and the outside. I know the 'INS and the outs' of every single step in the process... and I am here to help you.

If you are confused and frustrated don't worry, it's not your fault. There's a lot of misinformation out there from recruiting and showcase companies who bank on the fact that most people don't know how the process works. How can you be expected to know how this process works when they are feeding you bad info and quite honestly, stealing your money?

The system we are sending you will eliminate all the confusion and that frustration and give you the step by step system you need to get that scholarship or pro contract you deserve.

They WILL Come Watch You Play

You WILL have college coaches and pro scouts show up at a game to SEE YOU because I am going to show you exactly how you can put yourself on their radar and land yourself a contract.

You're getting a 7 letter sequence that you can send out to college coaches or pro scouts that almost guarantees they will come and watch you play. The work has been done for you, you just need to add your personal information and get prepared – because they are going to start showing up!

You Will Know Exactly How to Handle Your Offers

Once you put this system to work for you, you are going to start getting noticed and you are going to start getting offers. But you are going to need to know exactly how to handle the offers that come in from college recruiters or pro scouts, so I have given you all my negotiation tips and insider secrets that you can use to get the most out of ANY offer.

Plus, I am here for you – just 1 email away – if you ever have trouble dealing with offers and negotiations.

Here is exactly what you are going to receive with my Play Baseball In College package...

It can happen:


“Paul, We’re proud to inform you that Danny signed with Rutgers today. Much of Danny’s success is the result of the work you have done with him over the years, and we want to let you know how much we’ve appreciated it."
- Dan Perrine




Here's What You're Getting
(Digital Access)

Recruiting Secrets Video #1 -In this Video, I walk you through the initial steps in working towards a scholarship and I give you a blueprint that details exactly...
  • When you need to start the college recruiting process...

  • How to access and market your abilities...

  • What the real recruiting numbers are and how to make them work for you...

  • Why D1 is not always the way to get to the pros...

  • And much, much more...

Recruiting Secrets Video #2 - In Part 2; I reveal how to choose showcase camps and recruiting services to avoid being ripped off. I explain exactly what happens behind the scenes at recruiting camps and services. But the most important part of this video is the common mistakes players and parents make that cost them scholarships....PLUS I reveal the most powerful negotiation tactics you can use.




Bonus 1: Big League Field Testing
You can now have no doubt about how you measure up against the best at your level or even higher levels. You can now use the same testing protocols used by Major League Baseball to test players.

We asked Jeff Cavaliere (former Physical Therapist and Strength Coach for the New York Mets) to share the exact tests used at the Major League level to test High School and College players against the best at their level AND against Minor and Major League averages. This simple 7 part physical test can be completed virtually anywhere.

You'll know exactly how you match up.

Plus, you can submit this testing to coaches and scouts so they can see your true potential. Often these test reveal hidden talent that does not always come through on the field or in showcases.

Imagine if a coach has to choose between you and another player and YOU have this info for him....guess who he will go with? YOU.

You're getting INSTANT ACCESS to the testing videos and PDF of the comparison charts.


You're also getting the now-famous "HOW TO GET NOTICED" Video. This video shows you exactly how to attract the attention of scouts, coaches and recruiters when attending a showcase, tournament, or recruiting event.

This simple 6 step system will give an unfair advantage over other players.
It practically forces coaches to give you a good solid look.

How do I know? During my time as a scout this is exactly what players did to get my attention.

I finally put all these secrets into a video so you can use the exact steps that players who normally did not get a fair shake to get the attention you know you deserve.

You're getting INSTANT ACCESS to this video as well.

Bonus 2: Walk On Success
Not a scholarship player? then guess're a walk on. Even if you've been invited and promised the world by a coach. Non-scholarship players are walk on's...that's the bottom line. When you order today you will also get immediate access to my 4 step process to Walk On Success.

Nobody does this stuff. It's makes you stand out. It get's you the solid look you need. It will be the difference between being on the roster and not.

Believe me coaches will say anything and promise anything but unless you are a signed scholarship player you are considered a walk on. Make sure you lock down your spot on the team. This video shows you how.

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Paul Reddick

Are You Willing To Risk Getting Overlooked?

You are up against thousands upon thousands of baseball players who want the exact same scholarships and contracts that you want...

Are you will to risk it?

Or are you ready to step-up and take control over your future?

I am going to give you all the tools and all the information you need to have college coaches and pro scouts knocking down your door!

Imagine how it would feel to have your own “signing day”?

You have spent years preparing and working for this 1 moment – don’t let a bad recruitment process ruin it for you!

Order my system today and get the security you need to land the opportunities you deserve!



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